Some Thoughts on Blogging

There are two main reasons I’ve never blogged before now.

One is that I prefer to focus on having the experience, rather than thinking about how I’m going to recount it/package it for public consumption later.  I find it challenging enough to live in the moment, without the added temptation/ distraction of thinking ahead to how a story will “play” in the future, or how a viewer will judge an image I’ve photographed. I want to be present, in the present, as much as possible, and I can tell you that it does not come naturally much of the time.

And this is the other.

Those are the figures from ONE site (popular though it may be), from ONE day (and it’s only 8 pm, still a few hours to go…) It just seems like such an overwhelming amount of words and thoughts are being shared already that I didn’t feel the need to add to the virtual din. But here I am…and I hope that in the coming weeks this blog will find its own little space to be meaningful in its own way.


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