This art is on the side of one of the Austin Public Library branches in East Austin. I found it by chance when I stopped to take word photos from another sculpture out front, and I love it. I have it as the screen saver on my computer at work, and I have a framed photo of it in my kitchen.

This is my sign off to this summer’s blog – the future is a blank page, what will you write on it?


2 responses to “Farewell

  1. Fabulous blog, Vija. I’m already going through withdrawal. Looking forward to your next travel blog!

  2. Keith Lambertson

    Hi Vija,
    Thanks again for sharing your trip. You give a real sense of being there. Here’s something I wrote this spring, maybe Cat showed it to you.

    Easter/Passover Weekend in Tunisia:

    About 30 years ago I was in a small Tunisian coastal town. On Friday I
    thought I would get some fresh bread for the Holiday weekend. When I
    got to the pita bakery, it was closed. It was owned by a Muslim and
    Friday is their Holy day… I thought things would be better for me if I
    got a good luck Hand of Fatima charm like the locals wore. So the next
    day, Saturday, I went to the souk market to the jewelry maker. It was
    also closed. It was owned by a Jew and Saturday is their Holy day…
    Then I realized I didn’t have any more local currency. So the next
    day, Sunday, I went to the bank to cash a traveler’s check. It was
    also closed. It was owned by foreign Christians and Sunday is their
    Holy day…

    Peace Shalom Sal-am

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